The Vintage Keys Collection

The Vintage Keys Collection

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The VINTAGE KEYS COLLECTION is a meticulously multi sampled collection of 5 iconic vintage key based instruments.

Designed in a 3D world of charm, character and creative inspiration. This collection has been sampled with the utmost care and attention to how each instrument acts and sounds in real life. With a hands on approach to sound manipulation, you’ll feel you are sitting in the room with these original vintage rarities.

  • Stage Piano MK1 - a take on the much loved and highly sought after fender rhodes mark 1. Complete with an effects chain, release triggers, 3 round robins & 4 velocity layers. From very delicate & light, to hard and biting.
  • LiTz - this time a take on the equally sought after wurlitzer keyboard. Complete with an effects chain, pedal up & down tones for added realism, and in built vibrato.
  • The Bull - here we tackle the moog taurus. a powerhouse bass synth designed in real life to be used with the feet. With signature presets, and the ability to use a powerful 2 oscillator starting point along with classic synth parameters found on the taurus to sculpt your own unique bass tone.
  • Chorda Keys - a little more niche and unique here with a take on the phili-corda. An electric organ with such warmth and soul to it’s tone. With a wealth of sound manipulation possibilities, this is a real fun little instrument to get stuck into.
  • Autoccordion - not anywhere near as well known or widely used as the likes of the rhodes or wurli, the Autoccordion is a take on the J.Busilacchio electric organ. Such a unique sounding little beast. With an automatic air pulling system, it’s an accordion on acid. An awesome instrument to behold, and a fantastic bass/chord buttons section.

Important Note: The Vintage Keys Collection requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (also works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6). Do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.







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