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End ­User License Agreement ("Agreement") 



The license for this product is granted solely for the purchaser as a single licensee. All samples and sound sets in this product are licensed and not sold to you by Insanity Samples. For use within commercial and non-commercial means, in Music/Sound production, be it standalone or as part of other mixed media including but not limited to; film, television, game, and any other audio post-production setting. 

The instrument can be used in any commercial recording without further licensing fees. With no obligation to provide source attribution to Insanity Samples. This license expressly forbids any inclusion of content within this library, and all other Insanity Samples libraries, into any other software instrument or sound library of any kind outside of personal use. 

This license also forbids any redistribution of this product, and all samples/sounds, artwork included within this product. Including but not limited to; re-sampling, mixing, isolating into software or hardware of any kind. For the purpose of creating any free or commercial library or sample/software instrument. 


Insanity Samples retains full copyright and ownership of all recorded material and sample sets, along with all artwork and documentation pertaining to this product. 


Due to the nature of our sector in digital software, and a product's inability to be returned, we are unable to offer refunds. Though every effort will be made to rectify any legitimate issues found within our instruments and products in the form of updates and/or bug fixes, where specific issues have been raised by a customer/end user to us.


This license agreement is effective from initial download of an Insanity Samples product. The license is in effect for the lifetime of the product and in perpetuity.