The Cool Jazz Collection

The Cool Jazz Collection

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The COOL JAZZ COLLECTION is a specially curated library of 5 instruments designed to embody the cool jazz idiom. With a Miles Davis / Chet Baker style and feel. Perfect for moody, brooding noir style ‘cool’ jazz. A sub-genre that has yet to be properly explored in the sample world, until now. A unique and characterful collection for your tool box.



  • Trumpet (Muted & Unmuted)
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Piano
  • Upright Bass
  • Drums (Brushes & Sticks)
  • Performance controlled True Legato
  • Velocity controlled Dynamics for seamless and ultra real solo instrument performance 
  • Offset/breath/re-tongue control
  • Instrument mechanics sounds / key sounds etc... for ultra-realism
  • 2,500 samples
  • 4GB pre-compression (2GB space required post lossless compression)
  • Up to 4 dynamic layers & up to 8 round robins, instrument dependent

Important Note: The Cool Jazz Collection requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (also works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6). Do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.



Here's what people are saying...

  • I bought my copy today. I've only done a bit of playing around with it but it sounds amazing!
  • This is what I've been needing!!!
  • Great product, great sounds
  • Seriously gorgeous tones !!!
  • a really authentic sound behavior! very well captured!
  • Sounds Great! Congrats!
  • Awesome sounds! I upgraded to the full version of Kontakt mainly because I wanted this library.
  • Sounds great! Congrats!
  • This is what I've been needing!!!
  • Great product, great sounds
  • Seriously gorgeous tones !!!
  • a really authentic sound behavior! very well captured!





This library taps into an as of yet explored sub-genre within Jazz. The 'cool jazz' style. A style made most famous by people like Miles Davis & Chet Baker. With slow brooding melodies, over soft and Smokey accompaniment. With the 'muted' trumpet being so synonymous with the style, this instrument really leads the way within this collection. Attempting to embody that classic ultra-specific sound of the style, this library does what no other can. 

CONTEXTUAL DEMO 1 - Visual look at demo 'Noir'


REVIEW: Sample Library Review
CONTEXTUAL DEMO 2 - Visual look at demo 'Blues'
THE GUI (Double Bass shown as example)




Longs + True Leg + Mute

Poly Longs + Mute

Staccato + Mute

Falls + Mute

Longs + True Leg (Unmuted)

Poly Longs (Unmuted)

Staccato (Unmuted)

Falls (Unmuted)

Tenor Saxophone

Longs + True Legato


Poly Longs

Semitone Trills

Wholetone Trills



Simply a piano with no keyswitches

Upright Bass







 “Sometimes you have to play a long time, to be able to play like yourself" - Miles Davis

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great instruments for jazz, and other cool music.

Instruments sound wonderful! And a fair value. Recommended if you are producing some cool jazz, or really any other cool music.

Dirk Atherton
About time!

Finally an all in one Jazz worthy collection of instruments. Get in, play, record done! I love it! I hope some Wes Montgomery jazz guitar is next on your list. Great job guys!

Stan Borek
Nice Niche with Wider Applications

The Review Title says it all for me. "So What?" As soon as you hear it and use it I think you'll agree---and won't be left "Kind Of Blue."


This library is great for recreating those noir jazz sounds of times gone by. The instruments all sound amazing and the user interface is simple to use and effective.

Armed with the Cool Jazz Collection, you’ll be recreating jazz standards in no time, or writing your own noir pieces that sound as if they’re being played by a real jazz band in a smoky club.

Bee Feltham
Beautiful tone, wonderful mood.

The sounds of these instruments have been expertly designed to meld together beautifully and to perfectly match the cool jazz and noirish jazz that the library is aimed at. This makes it incredibly easy to use these instruments to achieve these kinds of sounds with little effort in the mix. The instruments have just enough articulations (plus expression control) for these purposes, and whilst more choices can seem better, this keeps things focused and quick to use so that it is much easier to focus on performing the musical lines for recording. I was nervous buying this because, while I had a need for some more jazzy tones for mood pieces, I have never spent a great deal of time in the cool end of the jazz pool; however, the instruments, and their responsiveness to certain kinds of playing makes the right kind of smooth, and occasionally insistent, yet always expressive playing very easy. Great for mellow sounds, but perhaps even greater for moody, melancholy sounds bordering on ominous. It plays very well as a complete ensemble, or in a mix with other instruments, adding a touch of smoky, jazz-club atmosphere wherever needed. I am very pleased I decided to purchase this.