NEO WOODWINDS - Modern Soloists

NEO WOODWINDS - Modern Soloists

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Large Update Imminent... Back soon!

(v2.0.0 out now! with 6,876 samples added with all new Oboe & Cor Anglais, plus a wealth of scripting additions)

NEO WOODWINDS is a library collection of world class woodwind principal musicians. With decades of credits both on stage and on screen playing as principal chairs for the UK’s top orchestras. Alongside the meticulously captured ‘bread and butter’ articulations, there is an assortment of unusual and cutting edge performance techniques on offer that really set this collection apart from the crowd. 

From spellbinding true legatos that shine, to cutting edge tongue ram techniques and plosive percussive textures. NEO WOODWINDS can take you there. 


 (Flute GUI used for example. All GUI images are at the bottom of this page) 


Important Note: Neo Woodwinds requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (also works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6). Do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.


  • Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Cor Anglais, Bassoon
  • 12 GB Space required (pre-ncw compression)
  • 25,780 samples
  • 4 mic positions [stereo - L & R, Overhead & Room]

21 articulations (varies by instrument, listed below)

  • Expressive Longs (vib) (mf) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Marcato (4 rrs) (p-f) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Staccato (4 rrs) (p-f) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Staccatissimo (4 rrs) (p-f) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Trills st (mf) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Trills wt (mf) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Runs (up&down, up, down) (mf) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Flutter Tongue (mf) [pl, fl, cl, bssn]
  • Ornaments [st up, wt up, st dn, wt dn] (mf) [fl, cl] 
  • Plosives (Shorts) (4 rrs) (f) [pl, fl]
  • Plosives (Long) (f) [fl]
  • Tongue Rams (f) (4 rrs) [pl, bssn]
  • Multi-phonics (f) [bssn]
  • Whistle Tones (mf) [pl]
  • Sing & Play (mf) [fl]
  • Sing & Play (Woozy) (mf) [fl]

System Requirements

  • Full Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher [NOT Kontakt Player]
  • i5 or equivalent (i7 and up recommended)
  • 8GB RAM (16GB and up recommended, the more the better!)
  • 12GB Free Space minimum (SSD preferable)




CONTEXTUAL DEMO 1 (v2 update with Oboe & Cor Anglais)






"A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one." - Shostakovich

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