HAUNTED STRINGS 2 - Twisted Chamber Strings

HAUNTED STRINGS 2 - Twisted Chamber Strings

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Large Update Imminent... Back soon!

HAUNTED STRINGS 2 is a huge new development of the original Haunted Strings concept. We headed back into the studio with a string ensemble, and set about recording as many twisted, eerie, dark, brooding & in some cases outright terrifying performances as we could dream up. One of the key unique selling points of this library is that we effectively treated the entire ensemble, from double bass up to violins, as one big tutti style instrument. So the air we're capturing really was moved all at once by this collective of players. Allowing for a really interactive and experimental experience on each note.


  • 14 articulations (9 main, 5 extended techniques & FX) [listed in detail at the bottom of the page]
  • Dynamic Crossfading & live Vibrato/Non-Vibrato control
  • 3 processing chains; Pure (a blend of the 7 mics in the room), Amp, Tape
  • Articulation Purging with limitless overlaying/stacking possibilities
  • 'Chord Mode' with pre-arranged tutti chords
  • 3GB download size 
  • 2,217 samples

Important Note: Haunted Strings requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (also works with the FULL version of Kontakt 6). Do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.

v2.0.0 Update

- GUI Overhaul

- Overlay Threshold Controls for ever articulation with powerful capabilities

- Signal Path Purge Controls for RAM management

- Midi Controller Keyswitching capabilities added. With velocity triggered toggles.



WALKTHROUGH (featuring v2.0.0 and all that's new)

CONTEXTUAL DEMO (Note: This features v1.0.0 of the library)

CONTEXTUAL DEMO 2: Not Just for Halloween... (Note: This features v1.0.0 of the library)

DEMO: Haunted Strings, Neo Woodwinds, Neo Strings & Supporting Insanity Samples Libs in One BIG Underscore Demo (Note: This features v1.0.0 of the library)

SAMPLE LIBRARY REVIEW (Note: This features v1.0.0 of the library)
Extended Techniques Example



Main Articulations

Eerie Longs (Extreme Sul Tasto) 

Twisted Longs (Extreme Sul Pont)

Drunken Wide Vibrato

Tremolo Sul Pont

Erratic Trem Sul Pont



Col Legno

Psycho Screams

Extended Techniques & FX

Behind the Bridge Choas

Chatter Chaos

Scratch Riser

Scratch Stabs

Full String Glissandos (Fast & Slow)


"I feel that music on the screen can seek out and intensify the inner thoughts of the characters. It can invest a scene with terror, grandeur, gaiety, or misery. It can propel narrative swiftly forward, or slow it down. It often lifts mere dialogue into the realm of poetry." - Bernard Hermann

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ghoulash for the ears

A real delight - you want to experiment without actually having a specific need to do so. Superb !

SCOREONYX - Nick Rivera
A Spectral Spectacular

Haunted Strings 2 Dunnellon ups the anti when it comes to mood, sampling and sound. The control over articulations makes layering, blending and building melody easy and fun. The sound of play is quite definitely haunting and can be layers easily with other Aleotoric and Orchestral FX libraries. This is a must have for my creepy compositions and trailers. Enjoy Halloween all year long with this gem!

Cheers and Fears,

Stan Stewart
A great, compact and affordable spooky strings library

I've been using this VI on quite a few tracks recently. The unstable character of the sounds is great for so many types of arrangements. And not just haunted stuff. I also appreciate how these textures lend themselves easily to ambient, soundtrack, and other scoring.
Haunted Strings (without the "2") is also a great library, but no longer available. I still use it as well as this second release. Thanks Insanity Samples!

Ninewinds Records & Productions - vinny golia

not just for Halloween