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FOLK FIDDLE 2 - Beatnik Roots Violin

FOLK FIDDLE 2 - Beatnik Roots Violin

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FOLK FIDDLE 2 is our flagship roots violin library. With a plethora of articulations on offer, and an incredibly powerful script working hard to keep you playing with fluency and ease in use. With a powerful True Legato, overlay and scale mode system, the Folk Fiddle 2 fills the room with human charm and natural playability. Packed full of character and nuance in every note. Perfect for injecting a folk/roots/blues sound into your compositions.

FREE with every purchase of the Folk Fiddle 2 comes: THE SHAMAN'S DRUM. A deceivingly complex frame drum texturally. Built here to be as straightforward to use as possible. With a simple ‘beater position’ control that allows you to move in real time between different striking positions. Note: The Drum library is a folder housed within the main Fiddle 2 folder once installed. 


Important Note: Folk Fiddle 2 requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5/6/7 or above. Do not purchase this if you only have Kontakt Player.



  • 25 articulations 
  • Static Longs (true legato / poly mode, vib/non-vib) [mf]
  • Expressive Longs (true legato / poly mode with natural expression) [mf]
  • Brushed Staccato (4 round robin repeats) [p,mf,f]
  • Staccatissimo(4 round robin repeats) [p,mf,f]
  • Spiccato (4 round robin repeats) [p,mf,f]
  • Pizzicato (4 round robin repeats) [p,mf,f]
  • Crescendo (Short & Long crescendos controlled with dynamics)
  • Sforzando (Fortissimo Attack with immediate decrescendo & crescendo)
  • Decrescendo (Hard attack that gets quieter very quickly ending with silence)
  • Grace - Semitone up (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Grace - Wholetone up (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Grace - Semitone down (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Grace - Wholetone down (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Slides (up to triggered pitch) 
  • Falls (away from triggered pitch)
  • Wholetone turns (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Wholetone to Semitone turns (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Semitone to Wholetone turns (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Semitone turns (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Trills - Wholetone (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Trills - Semitone (one shots with an adaptive scale mode) [mf]
  • Tremolo
  • Triple Attack (3 quick note starts at a forte dynamic with performance end)
  • Gliss FX - full range (fast, slow, up, down, up & down variations on each string. All repeated with Trem.)
  • String Brushes & Scrapes (Brushed notes on open strings & mechanical sounds of bow scrapes)
  • System Requirements

    • i5 or equivalent (i7 recommended)
    • 4GB RAM (8-16GB recommended, the more the better!)
    • 2GB Free Space (SSD preferable)
  • 5,069 samples
  • 4 mic positions (Overhead, Room L, Room R, Distant)

CONTEXTUAL DEMO 1 (Rootsy Folk Ballad with Performance Mode 1)

 CONTEXTUAL DEMO 2 (High Energy with Performance Mode 2)







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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Folk Fiddle 2

A very lovely library, I enjoy jum and writing with this fiddle I really think this one of the best fiddles on the market

Folk Fiddle 2

I just acquired the latest update for the Folk Fiddle 2 with all the new articulations. It sounds fabulous! When I listen to one of the demos onYoutube it sounds soooo...realistic! I can't wait until I can learn how it all works! Great job! Thanks!

Folk fiddle

I have really found FF to work well in tracks. The tone has been great. I recently added some for a clients track and they were thrilled with the results

Bari Krisinger
Big Improvement

Love the articulations on this thing. Close to real as you’re going to get with a plugin. A keeper for sure!

Temme Sikkema
Nothing beats a beatnik fiddle.

I was told by a composer / music professor that this beatnik fiddle is in fact way more versatile than its name may suggest. He uses this instrument as a violin for neo-classical string quartet writing. This made me keen to try it out, seeing how fond I have grown of the NEO range. And that’s why I recently decided to acquire it. I’ve made a short piece with it, within an hour-and-a-half of downloading it and put it on Soundcloud here: for whatever that’s worth, as I am clearly not a talented composer. That said, I (again) highly recommend this instrument. The ornaments make it very expressive and it has all the characteristics to sort of write lamenting music with it. That may be just me though. High quality instrument.